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Akruti Ultimate

One India and One Software for all our Indian Languages.

Akruti Ultimate provides you a seamless experience while working in Indian Languages. It has keyboard to type, fonts to display, OCR to scan documents, Voice to Text to do dictations, Text to Speech to create audios, Font Converters to convert from any of the legacy fonts, Translations to change the content to another language, Transliterations to make it more accessible, Handwriting recognition, supporting legacy fonts of other vendors, eBook creation, Application development etc.

It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Akruti on cloud to work from any device connected to the Internet.

We are happy and proud to serve the people of India with our passionate team.

Our Company

We at Smart Solutions are happy and proud to launch a new release of Akruti, Akruti Ultimate – a versatile software to work with for all our Indian Languages.

This version is designed by you (the existing users of the software for more than 4 decades) and developed by our passionate team.


The core philosophy behind Akruti Ultimate is to provide Language Technology solutions that enable the users to work in any of our Indian Language, in any digital device from anywhere, using International Standards.

Our Team

I am Madurai Sridhar and I have been working with Indian Language Technology for the past 40 years. Akruti is a popular and user friendly software for all Indian Languages. Ease of use, constant improvements and customer friendly policies are the key factors for our wide spread usage and appreciation.

My discussions with the users, prompted me to think about this version of Akruti Ultimate. I listened to their pain points. I had various rounds of discussions with the development team and then implemented this version and named it as Akruti Ultimate. As the name suggests, this will be the most comprehensive software available for Indian Languages.

Indian Language development goes back to the 80s, where it started during pre MS DOS days. It has been a long winding journey. We had the facilities to work with Indian Languages even when the Operating Systems were not equipped to do so. However the very same technical strength prevented us from making rapid strides when the technology exploded. Sounds confusing, right. Read on.

We created solutions for Indian Languages even when the OS did not have any plans to implement. Those solutions were quickly adapted by the publishing industry, offices and the Government (major consumers of language content). As there were no standards, the developers (like us) worked on own coding. This resulted in many passionate developers developing fonts and typing solutions for various languages. Some developers could develop all the Indian Languages and some other developers restricted themselves to one or two languages. All these were done using customised fonts and customised keyboards.

Compatibility was a big issue (back then and even now). Even though Unicode came as an international standard for all the Indian Languages, the usage was not there. Many of the applications did not support Indian Languages. By this time, the publishing industry got deeply entrenched in to using the existing solutions. Even today more than 90% or all types of publishing work happens with custom font and proprietary layout.

The seed of thought for Akruti Ultimate is this chaotic situation that prevails even now. The challenge is to migrate users to Unicode while supporting their existing work habits. It is easy to educate the new users and very difficult to change the methods of the people who are working for decades in some manner.

Sridhar Madurai


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Our Software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Akruti on cloud to work from any device connected to the Internet.

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